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【活動快報】臺灣校友會五周年雞尾酒會 Taiwan Alumni Association 5th Anniversary Cocktail Night



  • 體恤來參加的「臺灣校友會員」不是住在臺北的夥伴,校友會此次將特別安排市中心免費住宿乙晚,校友可以在系統報名時,透過報名系統告知我們你的需求喔!

活動報名請於 完成報名,若無透過表單報名一律視為無效!



Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Taiwan Alumni Association, the cocktail night will be held on 5 June (Friday)!

All the alumni and guests will get a chance for the lucky draw, there will be several exclusive prizes; we look forward to seeing you soon!

Please be noted the registration can only be done via the online form:

*Due to the unpredictable ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, please kindly wear a mask for entering the venue, and we will take your temperature before entry. We will announce any changes via email, Facebook page, or our official website according to the development of the epidemic and government policies.

《Limited to the size of the venue, the participant quotas remain to Taiwan alumni (-to-be) priorly.》

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