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副校長Dr. Fonti以及四位教授赴臺與姐妹校國立政治大學進行雙邊學術研討交流

臺灣校友會熱烈歡迎雷恩商學院副校長Dr. Fabio Fonti帶領著其他四位來自不同系所的教授(Dr. Nadjib Brahimi, Dr. Guillaume Bagnarosa, Dr. Roman Matkovskyy and Dr. Yi Liu)赴臺與姐妹校國立政治大學管理學院進行雙邊研討會,校友會會長Johnny也藉此機會邀請5位臺灣校友分別來自國際管理學士學位學程、國際精品品牌管理碩士、國際管理碩士(供應鏈組)、國際金融碩士以及國際人力資源管理碩士,大家一同接待副校長及教授們,除了帶著他們到熱鬧的西門町以外,也特地到了采采食茶文化CHA CHA THÉ 品茗與享用台式與西式融合的創意料理,從道地的茶與食物中更深切地認識臺灣文化也藉機互相交流臺灣學生赴法讀書的心得感想!

Taiwan Alumni Association warmly welcomed our dearest professors from Rennes School of Business visiting one of our partner universities — College of Commerce, National Chengchi University (NCCU) for having the NCCUC-Rennes SB Joint Seminar.

Dr. Fabio Fonti, Associate Dean for Research leaded 4 professors (Dr. Nadjib Brahimi, Director of the MSc in Data and Business Analytics, Dr. Guillaume Bagnarosa, Director of Agribusiness Area of Excellence, Dr. Roman Matkovskyy, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance and Dr. Yi Liu, Associate Professor, Academic Department of Supply Chain Management and Information Systems) to attend the seminar this week.

President of Taiwan Alumni Association, Johnny Wu, also invited 5 Taiwanese alumni from IBPM, MSc. ILBM, MSc. Int'l Management - Supply Chain, MSc. Int'l Finance and MSc. Int'l Human Resources Management to host our faculties from Rennes SB. We not only tour them to the most popular destination in Taipei - Ximending but also had a dinner served with fusion cuisine of Taiwanese and Eastern combination as well as local tea tasting. We hope the professor can get to know Taiwan with the inspiration of the local gourmets and tea!

Hope to meet you all again soon either in Rennes or Taiwan!!

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