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臺灣校友會五周年雞尾酒會圓滿成功! #tbt Taiwan Alumni Association 5th Anniversary Cocktail Night

Updated: Feb 18

2020年6月5日(五) 我們慶祝了雷恩商學院臺灣校友會成立五週年, 有將近130位臺法校友及產官學界的代表出席共襄盛舉! - Bureau Français de Taipei 公孫孟大使 - 家樂福Carrefour Taiwan 蘇小真發言人 - 美國賓夕凡尼亞州駐台辦事處 蔡宜伶處長 - 臺灣歐盟中心 (EUTW) 鄭家慶執行長 - 中原大學 副國際長魏大欽博士 - 國立中正大學管理學院 張碩毅院長 - ZEV City 王日新執行長 - 大誠保險經紀人-瀚將通訊處 蘇佑承處經理 - 文藻外語大學 徐洛茲教授 - 中信金融管理學院 李思兆 老師

On 5th June 2020, RSB Taiwan Alumni Association has celebrated its 5th Anniversary with more than 130 guests, which include Taiwan & French Alumni, Freshmen 2020/21 and representatives from the government agencies, industries and partner universities.

We were so proud that we have more than 100 Alumni's attendance, especially the presences of Jean-Francois Casabonne Masonnave, the Director of Bureau Français de Taipei, Marilyn SU, the Spokesperson of Carrefour Taiwan, Marc Cheng, the Executive Director of European Union Centre in Taiwan (EUTW), Jerry Wang, the Founder & CEO of ZEV City and also deans & professors from National Chung Cheng University, Chung Yuan Christian University, Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages and CTBC Business School.

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