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2019臺灣留法校友晚會Soirée France Alumni Taiwan

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

這次相當感謝Bureau Français de Taipei - 法國在台協會的邀請,我們臺灣校友會很榮幸有機會在這次活動能一同擔任協辦單位的角色,我們臺灣校友會吳會長也接下了晚會的英文主持重棒!

法國在台協會的學術合作暨文化處處長柯柏睿(David KIBLER)、Alliance Française de Taïwan 台灣法國文化協會主任Bruno DUPARC以及理事長林知延(Tommy LIN)也蒞臨共襄盛舉並致歡迎詞。 這次與會的校友們有將近快200位,分別畢業於約20多個城市,80多所學校,各個憶起當年在法國的學生時光,互相交流著各自的近況,相談甚歡! 值得一提的是,幾位實踐大學畢業的校友們在會場很榮幸遇上了也是留法的實踐傑出校友Sophie老師(Sophie Hong Paris Boutique),老師也相當開心,很親切的與大家合照自拍!希望之後能常常與大家聚一聚!


It was our great honor to be invited by Bureau Français de Taipei - 法國在台協會 to be the co-organizer of the event. In addition, Johnny Wu, the President of Taiwan Alumni Association, Rennes SB was assigned to be the MC on that night.

M. David Kibler, Conseiller de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle, Bureau Français de Taipei, M. Bruno Duparc, Directeur de Alliance Française de Taïwan 台灣法國文化協會 and M. Tommy LIN, Président de l’Alliance Française de Taiwan also attended the event and delivered the opening remarks.

There were around 200 participants attended the event, graduated from around 80 institutions in 20 cities in France separately. All of us had a great time throwing back the student lives in France and exchanging the current status with each other! One of the highlights was our alumni from Shih Chien University met their outstanding alumni Mme. Sophie HONG (Sophie Hong Paris Boutique) who is a well-known international fashion designer both in France and Taiwan. Everyone felt really honored to meet her in person.

Look forward to having the next reunion again in the near future☺️

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