Postgraduate Program

Master of Science - MSc

SEP. Intake
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Ranked 24th in the world; 7th in France 

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*Teaching Languages: French & English*

Joint Degree with 

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*Teaching Languages: French & English*

JAN. & SEP. Intake
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TOP 30 2020 - 

Master of Logistic  Program

Ranking in France

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Joint Degree with 



This programme prepares managers and business leaders for scenarios that are rapidly changing, with the addition of new technologies and practices where we need to understand more than ever:

  • The human factor, iNSIGHT

  • The geopolitical context, iNTERNATIONAL

  • The nuances and opportunities of digital business, iNTELLIGENCE

  • The creation of new business models and services, iNNOVATION

  • The methods to generate societal and organizational value, iMPACT

Tuition € 20 000 + € 150 Alumni membership.
– Innovation field trip to Lisbon (Airfare, accommodation and most meals)
– Impact trip to Africa (Airfare, accommodation and most meals)
– Course materials.

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Recent developments, notably the financial crisis, have clearly demonstrated the need for managers to adopt a different pattern of behaviour and to learn new skills. Today, managers face the challenges of increasingly intense international competition, a changing global context with complex environmental and social consequences, and growing criticism from stakeholders.
The Rennes School of Business Executive MBA degree meets these new challenges front on by responding to companies’ needs. In 2019, our Executive MBA is ranked in the top 100 Executives MBA programmes in the world (
Financial Times).

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Taiwan Alumni Association Exclusive Scholarship for iMBA & EMBA